When applying to garments, the ink is embedded into the fibers. Decide if you want to integrate with your programs. Butcher Paper(Here)(Holder-Here) Before we dive into the main details of the blog, we want to quickly discuss what dye sublimation printer we think works best. Sublimation is the change from a solid or liquid to a gaseous state. The results were ok, but just only that: ok. We made a profile with the x-rite i1 Studio and the results differ like day and night. The colors you see on your screen will never match the colors in your prints exactly. A few users have had some problems with their images and here are some of the most common mistakes made when using sublimation. If you are pressing on a hard surface like ceramic(mugs) or metal then use heat resistant tape. Backgrounds / Graphics $ 4.00 $ 0.40-90%. Magenta is just what it should be, grays are neutral, dark blue colors no longer have a light magenta touch, as it sometimes used to have and finally 100% yellow is just that: 100% yellow. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), The Best Sublimation Ink for Epson Printers: A Comparison, How to Convert an Epson Desktop Printer to a Sublimation Printer, How to install a Sublimation ICC Printer Profile, Printers Jack Sublimation Printer Profile, Sublimation Printers: Sawgrass versus Epson, 10 Steps to Set up an Epson Printer with Printers Jack Sublimation Ink, Everything You Need To Get Started with Sublimation, Sublimation Vendors or Sublimation Blank Wholesalers, How to Make a Sublimation Printer Color Profile. Stuff you should know about sublimation transfers-You must have a heat press to press sublimation (iron does not work) It takes medium even pressure with ONE press.-You must use a shirt that is at least 65% polyester. Load the design you want to transfer to a polymer-coated material or at least 50 percent polyester content T-shirt into a graphics program on your computer. Sublimation Ink: InkXPRO(here) Cartridges and ink set (here), 100% polyester fabric-(here) If you want a bright and vibrant shirt, then use 90% or 100% polyester. The most common cause for blurry images is not using a recommended paper. An image is created digitally, using something like Photoshop, and printed onto a chemically coated piece of paper with specialized sublimation ink. Small adjustments may be necessary to achieve optimum results. OK, I printed out one for a white t-shirt this morning on light transfer paper and the colors look really bright. Also, using a sublimation pad or wrap may help spread the heat out more evenly creating a more solid image. You can also use the "levels" and "curves" to remove some black that dulls your colors, and boost the CMY instead. The results of dye-sublimation printing are beautiful, and more importantly, the colors are permanent because they are embedded in the substrate instead of printed on its surface. I am making a general profile to use on a wide variety of things, so I am just pressing on 100% polyester. DISCLAIMER: Sublimation Studies is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate…. In order to effectively and efficiently represent colors on your screen, practically every computer and mobile device on the planet uses the RGB color system. If you need to redo it, it will flash red and then stay on the same column. The three methods are somewhat similar, though they have specific differences. If you just want a reliable sublimation that can hold your amazing designs, this is an excellent choice for you. If you are using a soft substrate then, use the spray! How about heat resistant tape, would that be a good substitute for spray, or not? However, most sublimation printers and programs will support PNG files for sublimation transfer designs. Updated: I just used the updated Color Munki (I Studio) and it is so much easier to use! Not only do they stay bright and colorful for extended periods of time, but they also go on just about any model or surface. With dye sublimation, you can print full colors, bright colors and multiple colors! CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) is the standard for four-color digital printing. The exact type of file that you should use for sublimation printing will depend on: the design software you are using; the sublimation printer brand; your file preference . The less polyester, the less open pores, and the less ink transferring to the shirt. Follow Directions on screen to rotate arrow on ColorMunki. I tend to lightly mist the whole image. Before I ever would even consider changing ink suppliers I would ask for sample print of red, black, black to white gradient, hot pink, bright lime, bright orange. Red, Green, Blue are coded in computer-understandable language – using bits. It is possible to get bright colors, but choosing glossy paper in the print dialog may not be enough. It happens in nature every day, even to rocks. Save it and start printing with perfect colors! Refillable cartridges:(here) Once all the columns are completed it will look like this, hit next. Heat is vital to the process. Sublimation Designs For Sale . The other side is generally off-white. This allows for the design to feel as if it’s part of the garment and not actually on the garment!