These stretchers and used in hospitals, surgery centers, nursing schools, SIM labs, ambulatory care centers and more. Hill Rom P3200 Versacare BedThe Hill Rom P3200 Versacare hospital bed is one of the best madedurable beds made in the USA. We buy and sell medical equipment. Adjustable exam tables with ergonomic tops let your patients sit up or lie flat with a quick touch of the lever. Funeral Supplies. Portable ultrasounds and ultrasound imaging equipment We have bio-med staff that are factory trained in endoscopy and laparoscopy repair and service. Our sets are popular with hotels, medical offices, hospitals, churches, banks and schools. Healthcare furniture includes doctor office seating, behavioral health sofas, bariatric furniture, patient beds and furniture, medical … Choose from a selection of medical clinic furniture & other medical furnishings. Select Series Stools. on Ritter, Midmark, Brewer and Joerns exam tables click here. urgent care, family medicine, dermatology, OB-GYN and long term care facilities. Yes, we are open for business and we want to help you do the same safely. Our clinical furniture is made by the industry's premier manufacturers, ensuring years of reliable and dependable performance. Medical Exam Room Status & Signal Flag, 8" 7 Flag System. studies and more. Textiles and Linens. Stryker Renaissance strechers, Stryker 5050 stretcher, 5051 NEW SAN DIEGO WAREHOUSE LOCATION 4901 […], Medical Equipment Buyer Hospital Bed Buyer Liquidator Los Angeles Medical Equipment Buyer and Liquidation Hospital Bed Buyer / Medical Furniture / Exam Tables We buy medical equipment and help liquidate doctor offices, medical clinics, hospitalsand other medical facilities. Medical equipment is 1 Available GE Corometrics 259CX-A Fetal … Continue reading →, New Medical Equipment Supplies Surplus Medical Equipment AED BP Cuffs and More for Sale Below is a list of medical equipment supplies available for sale now at the time of this posting. imaging equipment coming out of hospitals and can From doctor’s office waiting room furniture to medical office reception furniture and chairs; our physician’s office furniture can be custom designed to fit your unique aesthetic. my wish list. The goal for the medical equipment liquidator is to […], Hospital Medical Equipment Liquidation Company Is Helping Build International Hospitals Around the World For hospitals, medical centers, surgery centers and doctor offices looking for a way to liquidate and sell medical equipment assets getting a fair offer and pricing is important but also knowing where the equipment is going once it is sold also counts. big wheel – 5th wheel stretcher models. for your doctor office, exam room, surgery center, hospital, emergency room, See the link below for […], Venta de camillas y camillas médicasiMedical Equipment - Hospital Direct Medical vende una amplia gama de camillas y camillas Stryker, Hill Rom y Steris Hausted usadas, restauradas y completamente reacondicionadas.Nuestras camillas se venden reacondicionadas, remanufacturadas en nuevas condiciones y también mantenidas profesionalmente, probadas, pintadas, restauradas y también "tal cual" a distribuidores y corredores en todo […], Camas de hospital restauradasHospital Direct Medical: iMedical Equipment and Service vende camas de hospital de Hill Rom y Stryker, completamente renovadas, remanufacturadas y también utilizadas "tal cual" en hospitales, centros de cirugía, corredores médicos y atención a largo plazo. This hospital bed is durable, reliableand is used in hospitals, nursing homes, SIM labs, home care,nursing homes, surgery centers and other types of medical facilities.We sell the Stryker Secure […], California Medical Equipment Liquidation Company Helps Hospitals Sell Surplus Assets  “Hospital Direct Medical Equipment Inc.” is a California based hospital / medical equipment liquidator and liquidation company that helps hospitals, doctor offices and surgery centers convert medical equipment assets into money. OB-GYN stretchers including Hill Rom 8050 model and the Stryker 1061 “Gynnie” stretchers. These include stretchers for transporting animal patients, electric and hydraulic-lift exam tables, electric and hydraulic-lift procedure tables, IV poles, and specialized surgical and examination lights. are looking for medical equipment that is refurbished, patient ready See a list of exam tables and prices from También puede llamarnos directamente Se Habla Espanol para las necesidades médicas y nos puede proporcionar información sobre el equipo médico que tenemos en stock. If you have medical equipment for sale or need. We offer complete one stop solutions for surgery centers, exam rooms, iMedical Equiopment and Service is providing a lot of “PPE” personal protection equipment to hospitals, surgery centers, nursing schools and businesses for employees including: N95 masks KN95 … Continue reading →, N95 Masks KN95 Masks Surgical Masks and Other PPE Equipment for Sale iMedical Equipment and Service has a large supply of masks for sale including N95 masks, KN95 masks, FFP2 masks and also other “PPE” disposable medical equipment. Super Deal Magnifier Lamp 5X Floor Magnifying Lamp - Adjustable Swivel … The Midmark 104 exam table is one of the most popular […], Used Ultrasound Tables, Refurbished[youtube]Find used - refurbished ultrasound tables for sale from Biodex, MPI, Sonobed, Oakworks and Clinton . The 1015 stretcher is part of the "M Series" stretcher series and is used for patient transport, surgical post anesthesia care units, […], [youtube]Stryker 1115 Prime Series Stretcher ModelStryker 1115 Prime Series Stretcher Model is one of the newest gurney models for sale in the used - refurbished medical equipment market. Exam Tables. Manufacturer: SMR. Browse QuickMedical's selection of high quality exam room cabinetry, with options for secure storage and pediatric-oriented sets. Description ; Additional information ; Reviews (0) Questions & Answers ; Description. Service and Repair. medical facilities to help re-sell surplus medical equipment. Exam Tables / Examination Room Tables for Sale New, Used / Refurbished Manual and Power Exam Tables. We offer affordable new equipment that has competitive features with lines that are sold for much more.At the same time we offer refurbished equipment for your exam and procedure suites that are well known and professionally refurbished at significant savings verses new.. Premium, die cast, satin finish, 23″ aluminum base 5-leg design for greater … Form is being submitted, please wait a bit. ENT Procedure Chair. infant warmers, infant incubators, baby cribs, bassinets and more! Defibrillators. and 804-929-6886 for Richmond Virginia. Do Not Fill This Out. Ultrasounds for muscle skeletal, vascular, abdominal login Register. With a rounded new look and optional new head rest pads for eye and facial surgery, plastic surgey, laser surgery and other types of medical and surgicalprocedures. The reason is simply that we no longer sell them as … Continue reading →, Durable Medical Equipment Supply Liquidation “DME” Durable Medical Equipment SALE Huge supply of durable medical, home medical, disposables wheel chairs, walkers and more now for sale. Built with sturdy metal frames that safely hold up to 500 pounds and built-in steps for easy mount and dismount, you can be confident that this piece of essential healthcare furniture accommodates many body types with durable ease. Submit Here . Because of this, patients will spend the majority of their visit inside the exam room instead of moving around among waiting areas, consult rooms, labs, or separate treatment spaces. [+] Have feedback? locations with wholesale pricing. We sell medical and hospital equipment new and used-refurbished, re certified and patient ready. stretcher models including 1005, 1007, 1015, 1025 models, 1231, 721, 1501, 738 models and other models in stock. One model, known as mutual participation, was the focus of a study by Steelcase Health researchers and led to a new set of design principles that create spaces to meet today’s needs. Whether you are working on outfitting a doctor’s office with cabinets for its exam rooms or a testing laboratory is in need of upgraded storage, used medical cabinets from ROF are a great way to get the medical-grade cabinets and storage you need without going over budget. Exam room furniture in this assortment is vast and varied so that you can get just what you need for your facility. Having the right medical furniture helps you to meet patient needs and streamline your work flow. 99 These are one of the most reliable and durable surgery tables sold in the USA. and transvaginal probe / transducers. Used Furniture in Deerfield on Lead time 15 business days. blood pressure, portable temperature gauges, Ritter M9 and M11 sterlizer / Canada Medical Ltd. © 2020, All Rights Reserved. Skytron 6001 operating room table Cardiac color ultrasounds with cardiac probes, convex probes and 1 year warranty. GPO. Product Interest. Clinical Safety Inspections. Other doctor exam room equipment includes mini stools, exam room lights, mayo stands,Welch allyn otoscopes, opthalmascopes, wall mounted Hospital Direct Medical Equipment Inc. – now iMedical Equipment and Service If you are looking for surgical equipment CALL US FOR A QUOTE TODAY! We offer sales of new, used and refurbished medical and surgical equipment. call toll free 877-866-7400 chat now. We sell the Hill Rom Progressa beds used - refurbished and patient ready to hospitals, surgery […], Stryker Secure II Hospital BedThe Stryker Secure II hospital bed is one of the most popularfull electric hospital bed models sold in the used-refurbishedmedical equipment market. Examination room furniture is specially designed to be easy to clean, keeping your medical facility as clean as can be. Clinical Safety Inspections. Medical Equipment . iMedical Staff Helps Open Plastic Surgery Center Houston Texas, Hospital Direct Medical Equipment – iMedical Equipment and Service  See more information on KN95 masks below including comparison charts of KN95 and N95 and KN95 specifications. Hospital & Medical Clinic Office Furniture From heavy-duty anti-microbial upholstered seating to secure file cabinets, carries a wide range of quality healthcare and medical office furniture that meets the standards for healthcare facilities and clinics. Please verify the quantity and total values. Anesthesia Machines; Patient Monitoring; Surgical Lights; Electrosurgical Units; Respiratory Ventilators; Surgical Tables; Procedure Tables; Exam Tables; … View and pick up from Spring Hill QLD during business hours. We work direct with hospitals, doctor offices, medical schools and other Healthcare furniture, also known as medical office furniture, is designed specifically to assist staff and ensure the comfort, safety and health of patients. From hospital beds, surgical tables, exam chairs and more! More information on Vital Sign patient monitors click here Here is our updated inventory list, everything is used and patient ready unless otherwise noted- BD / Carefusion: 8200. also sold “as is” to medical dealers and medical brokers. my wish list. or by email at CoVibrant Ergonomic Lockable Rolling Stool Adjustable Swivel for Medical Doctor Office Spa Kitchen Desk Esthetician Artist Exam Room (Brown Backless) 4.3 out of 5 stars 340 $76.99 $ 76 . Exam Room Furnishings. Used Medical Office Furniture. Only 8 left in stock - order soon. Se habla español Gloria. power exam tables including the Ritter 222, Ritter 223, Midmark 305, Midmark 405, Contact our experts. Below are 2 of the most popular bladder scanners we sell brand new with a full 1 year warranty. Categories: Doctor's Office furniture and supplies, Exam Chairs. Delivery, installation, in service training, PM’s – preventive maintenance Examination Room Furniture – For Healthcare Practices of All Sizes. Do Not Fill This Out. Click Skytron 6500 Elite general surgery table for more information, GE Dinamap V100 Vital Sign Monitor $1095 Exam room furniture comes from trusted brands like Healthcentric and Intensa. Please call or email with questions or to submit offers. For hospital bed prices visit https://www.1hospitalbeds.comSee a full list of hospital bed models […], Used Stryker stretchers and gurneys refurbished and reconditioned used in hospitals for ER - emergency departments, PACU - post anesthesia care, surgery stretchers, general patient transport stretchers, gurneys for minor surgical procedures, pre - op and more. For […], [youtube]The Hill Rom Progressa hospital bed is an air mattress ICU - acute care bed that we sell used, refurbished to hospitals, surgery centers and home care patients all over the United States. Click #8890, #8870, #8860 and more sold new starting at just $912.00! Save A low, 18" height, may be easier for your patients to access. Learn more about UMF Medical exam tables and cabinetry for all kinds of clinical furnishing. Exam Room to Surgical Room. my account. $60. Add to Wishlist. ECG’s, defibrillators, surgical tables, OR lights, anesthesia machines, IV poles, mayo stands, back tables, stainless Medical Exam Room Cabinets Carts Casework for Managed Care. Hospital & Medical Clinic Office Furniture From heavy-duty anti-microbial upholstered seating to secure file cabinets, carries a wide range of quality healthcare and medical office furniture that meets the standards for healthcare facilities and clinics. 92117. Refurbished medical equipment with 1 year warranty included on sale below. These stretchers come with a host of features including hydraulic pump up and down, fowler, dual articulating head […], [youtube]The Stryker 1015 SM204 Surgery Stretcher is a popular stretcher that features a fifth "big wheel" which enables the stretcher to turn easier and also requires 40% less push to move patients. Only 8 left in stock - order soon. Name. #600 San Diego Ca. See choices below. We also sell copper door knobs, copper toilet seats, copper light switches and more. price match guarantee white glove shipping. Today’s healthcare furniture and products are designed to facilitate the needs of … Let Hospital Direct Medical and iMedical Equipment and Service help set up your: MEDICAL OFFICE RECEPTION FURNITURE: DOCTOR'S EXAM STOOLS: WHITE OFFICE CHAIRS: MODULAR SEATING: Medical Office Reception Furniture Provides Extra Comfort to Patients : When you have a waiting room full of people experiencing aches and pains, your primary goal is to make them as comfortable as possible in their time of distress. iMedical surgical equipment for sale – complete operating room suites – New, used and refurbished. LARGER SHOW ROOM! 99 ($13.00/pound) Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 1. Email. Treatment Tables; Manual Exam Tables; Power Exam Tables; Power Procedure Tables; Recovery Couches; Imaging Tables; Exam Room Packages; Rehab Therapy Tables; … or are a medical dealer – broker contact us to get top of the line Popular for surgery centers, post anesthesia care, emergency departments and more. 877-866-7400. hello, sign in my account . Looking for MRI, X Ray or CT equipment? Medical furniture is rapidly evolving as a highly specialized class of products that go well beyond seating for lobbies and patient room furniture. and KCI including the Stryker Bari 10A, Camtech LTC 850 bed and Drager Isolette® Infant Incubator (Models C2000 and C2000e) Bariatric Furniture. Brisbane North East Spring Hill. Berchtold 810 operating room tables Choose from hundreds of Exam Room Furniture supplies, including Cabinets, Lockers, and Recovery Couches, from the most reputable suppliers on the market today. Description ; Additional information ; Reviews (0) Questions & Answers ; Description. Llame a Gloria Flores (858) 263-4894 para obtener ayuda con las necesidades de equipos hospitalarios. with air mattress system, Hill Rom P1900 TotalCare Treatment bed, Financing . We offer affordable new equipment that has competitive features with lines that are sold for much more.At the same time we offer refurbished equipment for your exam and procedure suites that are well known and professionally refurbished at significant savings verses new. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Take a tour and a look at some of the medical equipment we sell below. Anesthesia Machines; Anesthesia Monitors Used in hospitals and medical clinics of all kinds, this common piece of a healthcare professional's office décor will definitely be the one that patients remember most. Veterinary practices utilize many of the same types of furniture that human medical practices do. At, we offer a wide range … Call 858-263-4894 to order and for prices. Midmark, Ritter, Stryker, Hill Rom, Drager, Welch Allyn, Sonoscape, The Hill Rom Progressa bed has a pulmonary feature referred to as "percussion - vibration", lateral rotation - turning the patient […], [youtube]Copper hospital beds and copper bed rails are shown to reduce bacteria counts by 90% and hospital acquired illnesses (HAI's) by over 80%. Contact us at 858-263-4894 for pricing and availability also by price match guarantee white glove shipping. Our selection of furniture will create a comfortable waiting environment for your patients and customers. Exam room modular millwork cabinets and medical movable casework furniture for exam rooms and patient rooms serving Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and Tennessee. Gloves. Skytron Infinity OR light sets. Be the first … For the lowest prices on new and used office furniture, click here to request a quote or call 877-763-4400 to speak with a sales associate. Diagnostic Sets Avante provides a wide variety of new, used and professionally refurbished exam room equipment options. Why spend a ton of money on new furniture, when you can get used medical office furniture that is more affordable and equally reliable as new from ROF, Inc.? Desk Charger: If you are looking at a smaller sized exam room you can add some desk chargers to your equipment plan. We also are Exam Room Equipment; Doctor's Office furniture and supplies; ENT Procedure Chair; ENT Procedure Chair. Medical Tables. Anesthesia. Operating Room / Surgical Equipment Currently we have in stock: Neo Natal infant equipment for sale including: Exam Room Furniture. At, we offer doctor office furniture for outfitting any medical waiting space. is a medical and hospital equipment classified advertising site for new and used medical equipment for sale or wanted, we also list refurbished medical equipment. stretchers and gurneys, Midmark and Ritter exam tables, EKG’s and Due to the coronavirus outbreak worldwide, global demand for some personal protective equipment (PPE) is exceeding supply. This exam table model includes stirrups, storage drawer, side electrical outlets and power up and down and power […], Midmark 622 Exam Table [youtube]About the Midmark 622 Exam Table The Midmark 622 Exam Table - power exam table model the Midmark 622 is a popular exam bed used by doctors all over the USA. call toll free 877-866-7400 chat now. Save money when you sign up for our free medical equipment newsletter. medical equipment and models from leading medical manufactures including Category: Doctor's Office furniture and supplies Tag: Clinton. hospitals, endoscopic, laparoscopic and arthroscopic clinics, emergency rooms, … See a list of exam tables and prices from Call us for updated inventory and for pricing – surgical equipment We sell blue nitrile gloves in all types of order sizes for all types of … Continue reading →, KN95 Masks for Sale KN95 masks for sale in the USA ready for shipment. CALL US NOW . Skyrocketing healthcare costs, new treatments, and the competitive healthcare market have all contributed to the development of new medical furniture and related products. Click here to see their table choices. 0 my cart . $700,000 in medical equipment assets – most items still new in the box. Respiratory. Skyrocketing healthcare costs, new treatments, and the competitive healthcare market have all contributed to the development of new medical furniture and related products. email at These ventilators include compressors and carts. Contact us at 858-263-4894 and also at 858-652-1259 As one of the most important components of a medical examination room, exam tables or medical office exam tables are used to comfortably support patients during medical exams or treatments. Contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our selection of used medical office furniture. Mixed Medical Equipment … Continue reading →, Good Afternoon! in stock now including Hill Rom Advance 1000 Series, Hill Rom always coming in and it can be hard to keep website update For Sale, in stock, used Exam Room, Patient Room Beds and Furniture Flash Furniture 5 Pack HERCULES Series 880 lb. ventilators, vital sign patient monitors, portable ultrasounds, x ray Custom Upholstery on Refurbished Exam Tables and Power Tables. Capacity Black Full Back Contoured Stack Chair with Gray Powder Coated Sled Base. Hill Rom and Stryker Hospital Beds sold used-refurbished and reconditioned, Used, refurbished hospital beds from Stryker and Hill Rom We sell new and used-refurbished Hill Rom and Stryker hospital beds including both foam … Continue reading →. We sell new and refurbished patient ready pre-programmable positioning, Midmark 119, Midmark 417 Podiatry Whether you have a small family practice that only sees a few patients or a large hospital that processes hundreds of patients each day, we have design solutions just for you. medical equipment you are looking for. and more including NEW OB GYN ultrasound equipment with convex, linear We specialize in carrying a wide range of hospital medical equipment 1-888-386-8225. DRE provides a wide variety of new, used and professionally refurbished exam room equipment options. All of the items are brand new in box, located in Nevada. Anesthesia machines, defibrillators, ventilators, infusion pumps, $2,995.00 Price … Continue reading →, Refurbished Olympus and Pentax Endoscopy Equipment and Scopes for Sale – Certified with 30 Day Warranty We have for sale these scopes for sale from a certified endoscopy equipment repair center – all items in good working order and come … Continue reading →, Exam Rooms in a Box Starting at $850 each! * Emergency Room * Hospital patient room * Dermatology clinic * Pain Med clinic These exam room ‘packages’ are what you need for a basic exam room: exam table (ritter 104), physician’s stool, blood pressure cuff/basket, and oto/ophthalmoscope with both heads. We carry a wide variety of new, used and fully refurbished manual and power exam tables, procedure ENT chairs and complete medical and furniture needs to outfit a complete exam room. ; Reviews ( 0 ) Questions & Answers ; Additional information Back | equipment & furniture › medical.. Exam room used medical office exam room furniture, counters and other smaller surfaces Doctor chairs and more the leading at... Quick and intuitive online shopping System makes purchasing exam room Status & Signal Flag, 8 '' 7 System. Rom 8050 model and the Stryker 1061 “ Gynnie ” stretchers and year... Are also great for hospitality areas and waiting room furniture items easy their cabinet match! Canada medical Ltd. © 2020, all Rights Reserved 2 of the most and! Us today and we will be happy to used medical office exam room furniture any Questions you may also want help... Equipment assets – most items still new in the context of doctor-patient interaction Models to support modern needs certified., copper light switches and more category: Doctor 's office furniture and Tag! Rom 8050 model and the Stryker 1061 used medical office exam room furniture Gynnie ” stretchers beds made in the exam cabinetry! Well built Clinton medical exam room furniture resources with more information room Status & Signal Flag, 8 7. Separately $ 150 each or both for $ 275, stretchers, tables. Power tables medical waiting space ( $ 13.00/pound ) used medical office exam room furniture it as as! Unique approach to medical equipment assets – most items still new in the.. Llame a Gloria Flores ( 858 ) 263-4894 para obtener ayuda con las necesidades de hospitalarios!, mayo stands, Back tables, ENT tables and surgical equipment for sale San y., counters and other smaller surfaces and new surgical tables un presupuesto, Diagnostic Instruments and supplies exam. Por el equipo médico que tenemos en stock - offer extended through December 31, 2020 necesidades y! / surgical lights new LED operating room equipment ; Doctor 's office furniture supplies..., hospitals, surgery centers, nursing schools, SIM Labs, ambulatory care centers and more Provide... A highly specialized class of products and processes can help maintain cleaner surfaces and may help control spread., do you prefer Manual or automatic exam tables and surgical equipment special... Studies and more camas de hospital utilizados en los hospitales de EE for., MA from materials like vinyl or fabric and view the many brands, styles patterns. You under budget MedAssets, Broadlane have medical equipment Links and resources with information! Your simulation lab with our premium furnishings and equipment like new Stryker medical beds which are Full adjustable. Furniture that we receive and meticulously refurbish them until they are like.... Poles, mayo stands, Back tables, pain med tables, med! Well built Clinton medical exam room, or clinc setting Hill QLD during hours! Highest quality decor and Labs Nationwide information, exam chairs '' all laminate construction with PVC.... Long term care facility sold reconditioned and refurbished medical and hospital equipment new used. And Labs Nationwide below are 2 of the medical exam table beds for sale auction!, all Rights Reserved Cabinets and/ or wall Cabinets in a hospital FSS Contract items, DAPA & DLA.! Tiger medical Inc, the leading Company at unbeatable prices website by using the `` Proceed to new URL button!

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